Stone Steps Inc.

Webalizer Project Release Notes

Stone Steps Webalizer is based on the version 2.01-10 of the original Webalizer © by Bradford L. Barrett.

Stone Steps Webalizer is now hosted on GitHub:

v4.0.0 18-Jul-2015
  • Ported the source to run on x64 natively
  • Upgraded GeoIP library (requires new GeoIP database - see GeoIPDBPath in README)
  • Added a city column to the hosts reports
  • Updated the default search engine list
  • Removed support for wu-ftpd logs
  • Removed FoldSeqErr and -f options; out of sequence records will be ignored
  • Made local UTC offset used by default when reporting time
  • Added NoLocalUTCOffset to ignore local UTC offset
  • Created a repository on CodePlex
  • [Windows] Introduced a command-line build script
v3.10.2 12-Feb-2012
  • Reworked how multiple log files are handled to prevent too many open files
  • Added support for IE8 and IE9 in the XML report
v3.10.1 28-Nov-2011
  • Added --pipe-log-nammes to read multiple log file names from the standard input
  • [BUG] Fixed a crash in the XML report generator when TopCountries is set to zero
  • [BUG] Fixed a crash when processing an empty log file
v3.10.0 08-Aug-2011
  • Added support for processing multiple log files
  • History file is updated when aa report is generated from a database (--prepare-report)
  • Updated help text to output all options
  • [Windows] Updated Berkeley DB to v5.1.19
v3.9.0 21-Nov-2010
  • Implemented time ranges to deal with multiple DSTStart/DSTEnd
  • Added visits to referrers and search string reports
  • Removed IgnoreReferrerRedirect as redundant
  • [BUG] Fixed a bug in the IIS log parser that caused last log field ignored
  • [BUG] [Windows] Fixed incorrect 3rd party library project references
  • [BUG] Fixed incorrect BDB sequence references between tables
  • [BUG] Fixed a crash bug when a non-numeric VisitTimeout value was specified
v3.8.0 18-Jul-2009
  • Added a configuration parameter to control maximum visit length (MaxVisitLength)
  • Added a command line option to print database information (--db-info)
  • Added data type size and byte order indicators to the database system node
  • [Linux] Fixed the source to compile with GCC x64
  • [Linux] Removed -m32 from the compiler and linker options
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing visits spanning more than two days lose hits
v3.7.2 26-Apr-2009
  • BUG: Non-Latin characters in URLs, user agents, etc break XML reports
  • BUG: Time zone names are not encoded in UTF-8 in XML reports
  • BUG: Fixed incorrect memory allocation when initializing XML help
v3.7.1 18-Apr-2009
  • Added handling domain names in the IP address field (AcceptHostNames)
  • Added context-sensitive help to the XML reports (hits, pages, visits, etc)
  • Removed spammer hosts and visits from the conversion totals
  • Added human totals to the monthly summary report
  • Added spammer totals to the monthly summary report
  • BUG: Changed Max to Total in the Time column of the top downloads report
v3.6.2 19-Feb-2009
  • Added a configuration parameter to specify a log directory (LogDir)
  • BUG: Country report includes spammer visits and the pie chart is generated as if it does not
v3.6.1 11-Jan-2009
  • Processing HideX parameters during report generating, so it can be used with --prepare-report
  • Implemented View All link in the top item XML reports
  • Implemented Ctrl-Alt-Home/End/Up/Down navigation between reports
  • Added MaxX (e.g. MaxHosts) to control maximum number of rows in all item reports
  • Added a transfer amount column to the user agent report
v3.5.1 02-Nov-2008
  • Added a few missing language variables
  • Improved report generation speed for large databases
  • Added a command line switch to compact the state database (--compact-db)
  • Added a command line switch to finalize the current month (--end-month)
  • Improved spam referrer identification logic
  • Generating reports in XML/XSL, with three graph type samples (PNG and Flash)
  • BUG: Fixed visit count accuracy if there are too many spam referrers
  • BUG: Dump flags are ignored if there is no explicit output format
v3.4.4 (04-Aug-2008)
  • Added more XML/XSL reports (Top URLs, Top Entry/Exit Pages, Top Downloads)
  • BUG: Robot hit, file, page and transfer counters are not reset when a log file contains more than one month worth of data
v3.4.3 (15-Jul-2008)
  • BUG: Active visits for hosts that do not have domain names are ignored in the incremental mode
v3.4.2 (13-Jul-2008)
  • BUG: Cannot read country code incremental data produced by versions prior to v3.4.1.5
v3.4.1 (05-Jul-2008)
  • Changed history implementation to be able to process out of order months
  • Added XSL file path configuration variable (XslPath)
  • Added output format configuration variable (OutputFormat)
  • Reduced database size and improved performance by eliminating the daily hosts table
  • BUG: The original state file (webalizer.current) is not read correctly by v3.x executables
  • BUG: Hourly averages in the daily report do not include the last hour of the last day
  • BUG: Localized country names are ignored
  • BUG: Exit URL report displays robot activity
  • BUG: Error report contains duplicate URLs when MemoryMode is set to yes
v3.3.1 (13-Apr-2008)
  • Added hourly averages and maximums for hits, files, pages, visits, hosts and transfers in the daily report
  • Added background color for weekend days rows
  • Changed average/maximum visit duration in the monthly summary report not to include robot/spammer activity
  • Added average/maximum converted visit duration to the monthly summary report
  • Added visitor conversion section to the monthly summary report (TargetURL, TargetDownload)
  • Added robot host counts to the monthly report
  • Changed the entry URL report to display only pages (PageEntryURL)
  • Changed DSTEnd to be in local DST time (was local time before)
  • [Windows] Disabled SSE2 (streaming extensions) optimization to support non-Intel and older CPUs
  • BUG: Average visit duration in the monthly summary report was too low
  • BUG: Fixed daily/hourly records lacking record version
  • BUG: Replaced Status with Download in the header of the all-downloads report
v3.2.2 (07-Feb-2008)
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing gzip-ed log files fail to read properly
  • BUG: Fixed help message text in many language files
v3.2.1 (03-Feb-2008)
  • Updated GeoIP library to v1.4.4
  • Introduced mangle user agent compatibility mode (UseClassicMangeAgents)
  • Reworked MangleAgents functionality to use user agent argument filters
  • Added user agent argument filters (ExcludeAgentArgs/IncludeAgentArgs/GroupAgentArgs)
  • [IIS] Changed the parser to process log files without a date field
  • [Linux] Updated make file to compile a 32-bit build
  • BUG: Malformed HTTP method stops log file processing
v3.1.2 (07-Jan-2008)
  • Moved notes in the report HTML to make it easier to manipulate reports from JavaScript
  • [Windows] Moved the project to VC9 (improved performance by about 5%)
  • BUG: Robot visits are not cleared at the end of the month
  • BUG: Fixed a crash in the DNS resolver triggered when starting a new month
v3.1.1 (26-Nov-2007)
  • Changed precision of URL procesing time in the monthly summary report to 3 digits
  • BUG: [Apache] Fixed a bug causing URL processing time to be shown as 0.001
v3.1.0 (25-Nov-2007)
  • Changed Entry/Exit URL reports not to include robot activity
  • Implemented converting UTC time to local time and adjust for daylight saving time (UTCOffset, DSTStart, DSTEnd, DSTOffset)
  • Added average/maximum request processing time to the user report
  • Referrers, user agents and users are matched HideX lists only after they are seen for the first time (consistency & performance)
  • Added maximum processing time column to the URL reports
  • Changed the country report to exclude robot activity
  • Updated host and user agent reports to highlight/hide robots (HideRobots)
  • Added new configuration variable to group robots (GroupRobots)
  • Added new configuration variable to identify robots (Robot)
  • Added total robot hits, pages, files, transfer, errors and visits to the totals report
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing a memory segmentation fault
v3.0.5 (21-Oct-2007)
  • Added Visual Studio 8 project files
  • Improved database performance when processing large log files
  • Added a command line option to run in the batch mode (--batch)
v3.0.4 (30-Sep-2007)
  • BUG: Some versions of webalizer.current are not parsed correctly
  • BUG: All Downloads report is not generated
v3.0.3 (26-Sep-2007)
  • Added checking for read/write access for output and database directories
  • Fixed error/warning messages being printed in the quiet mode
  • Resolved a build problem when compiled with GCC3
  • Conditionally-compiled database code to work with Berkeley DB v4.3
v3.0.2 (25-Sep-2007)
  • Worked around a build problem when compiled with GCC3
  • Merged with GeoIP v1.4.3
  • BUG: [Linux] Fixed incorrect parsing of fully-qualified paths
v3.0.1 (24-Sep-2007)
  • Updated README to include all new configuration variables
  • BUG: Fixed a crash in DNS resolver when DnsCache is commented out
v3.0.0 (22-Sep-2007)
  • Introduced batch processing mode to avoid generating intermediate reports (BatchProcessing)
  • Added HTMLExtensionLang to generate language-specific HTML/PNG extensions
  • Changed the country report to sort by Visits
  • Added visits column to the country report
  • Significantly reduced memory footprint
  • Added option to indicate that there are no more logs for the current month (--last-log)
  • Introduced on-demand, database-based, reporting functionality (--prepare-report)
  • Replaced text-based state file with a binary equivalent based on Berkeley DB
  • Implemented long command line options (e.g. --help)
  • Updated German language file (courtesy of Benjamin Buhr)
  • Removed DNSDynamicNames to eliminate unnecessary DNS lookups
  • Changed the Entry URL report to show first non-redirected URL (redirected URL's are hidden)
  • BUG: GroupHost ignores resolved IP addresses
  • BUG: Exit page visits are calculated incorrectly for visits split in the incremental mode
  • BUG: Per-visit maximums for hits/pages/files/transfers in the summary table are exaggerated (computed per visitor)
v2.7.2 (23-Oct-2006)
  • BUG: Crash or incorrect string comparison if non-ASCII characters were used in ignore/include/group lists
v2.7.1 (22-Oct-2006)
  • Optimized evaluation of ignore, include and group lists, improving overall processing speed by ~25%
  • BUG: Pages/Files/Hits and Visits/Hosts on the summary page are shifted when using raster fonts
v2.7.0 (08-Oct-2006)
  • Added variable history length (HistoryLength)
  • Added a country column to the All Hosts report and the tab-separated hosts file
  • BUG: Country information is missing if LanguageFile is omitted
  • BUG: [Linux] Fixed a deadlock problem in the DNS resolver
v2.6.3 (20-Aug-2006)
  • [Linux] Worked around a deadlock problem in the DNS resolver (Tao Linux)
v2.6.1 (14-Aug-2006)
  • Added country name to the host and download reports
  • Updated GeoIP library to v1.4.0
  • Added DNS resolution time to the debug output
  • BUG: [Linux] Ctrl-C did not interrupt processing in many cases
v2.5.5 (05-Aug-2006)
  • Improved page detection speed
  • Improved performance for large number of hosts and URLs
  • Decreased memory footprint
v2.5.4 (24-Jul-2006)
  • BUG: Visit counts in the user report are computed for pages only
  • BUG: [Squid] User names in Squid logs are counted incorrectly
v2.5.3 (19-Jul-2006)
  • Changed the code to ignore the default configuration file if a user configuration file is provided
  • Added reporting of the name of the currently-processed configuration file
  • BUG: Domain-specific include files were processed if there was no domain specified
  • BUG: Ctrl-C did not interrupt processing in many cases
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing patterns matched incorrectly if the text was shorter than the pattern
  • BUG: Fixed a bug in the GeoIP library causing memory corruption
  • BUG: [Apache, CLF] Unencoded double quotes in URLs cause these URLs reported incorrectly
  • BUG: [Apache, CLF] Malformed URLs beginning with ? corrupt webalizer.current
  • BUG: [Linux] The executable crashes when built with some versions of GCC (e.g. v3.4.4 shipped with FC3)
  • BUG: [Windows] Worked around a bug in the Microsoft runtime causing memory corruption
v2.5.0 (08-Jul-2006)
  • Added highlighting of spamming hosts in the host report
  • Added a new configuration parameter to filter out spam referrers (SpamReferrer)
  • Updated the country list to include new entries from the IANA list
  • Added support for the GeoIP library (country report)
v2.4.1 (18-Jun-2006)
  • Replaced hard-coded -march=pentiumpro with CPUARCH in makefile.gnu
  • BUG: Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the user agent report
v2.4.0 (04-Jun-2006)
  • Linked GD with the new FreeType (v2.2.1) library
  • Made a separate section for KBytes in the hourly report
  • Added GraphVisitsColor, GraphVolumeColor, GraphOutlineColor, GraphWeekendColor
  • Added GraphLegendColor, GraphHitsColor, GraphFilesColor, GraphPagesColor, GraphHostsColor
  • Added a new configuration variable to control the graph title color (GraphTitleColor)
  • Changed HTML/CSS to allow background images in graphs (e.g. logos, gradients, etc)
  • Added a new configuration parameter to control graph background transparency (GraphBackgroundAlpha)
  • Changed the default graph border width to zero (no borders)
  • Added a new configuration parameter to control graph border width (GraphBorderWidth)
  • Implemented conversion of Apache and CLF log time stamps to UTC if GMTTime is set to yes
  • Implemented reporting Squid log records in UTC if GMTTime is set to yes
  • Made hard-coded empty referrer string ("- (Direct Request)") localizable
  • Improved report generation speed for large log files
  • Removed hard-coded rpath from makefile.gnu (courtesy of Joost van Baal)
  • Implemented URL search string processing for Squid logs
  • Changed the search string report to include all URLs, not only pages
  • Removed some search engines from the default list
  • Added a new configuration parameter to track upstream traffic (UpstreamTraffic)
  • BUG: Non-HTTP referrers are reported as links
  • BUG: SSW crashes when processing malformed Squid log records
  • BUG: URLs reported incorrectly for FTP logs
  • BUG: HideHost has no effect if a domain name pattern is specified
v2.3.5 (10-Apr-2006)
  • BUG: Fixed a crash in the incremental mode handler
v2.3.4 (09-Apr-2006)
  • Decreased overall memory footprint
  • Improved performance when processing large log files
  • BUG: Fixed a bug in the Squid parser causing erroneous user names for URLs containing quotes
  • BUG: Fixed a memory leak in the Squid parser
v2.3.3 (04-Apr-2006)
  • Changed makefile.gnu to work in any sub-directory (expected to be under webalizer before)
  • BUG: URLs containing a question mark, but no query strings are reported incorrectly
  • BUG: SSW crashes when processing malformed CLF log records
  • BUG: Last character of the user name is dropped (CLF)
v2.3.2 (02-Apr-2006)
  • BUG: Empty lines are reported in URL domain name groups for URLs accessed by IP addresses (Squid)
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing only the last search term reported if the referrer contained multiple terms
v2.3.1 (29-Mar-2006)
  • BUG: Fixed incorrect visit counts in the entry/exit URL report
  • BUG: Fixed an intermittent crash when reading webalizer.current generated by a previous version
v2.3.0 (29-Mar-2006)
  • Added query strings to the URLs in the entry and exit reports
  • Added a new configuration parameter to disable the monthly totals report (MonthlyTotals)
  • Updated webalizer_lang.spanish and webalizer_lang.catalan (courtesy of Enric Naval)
  • Implemented search string qualifiers for SearchEngine (e.g. as_q=All Words for
  • Replaced most fixed-size buffers with dynamically-allocated ones (no more "truncating oversized field" warnings)
  • Implemented search string name aliases for SearchEngine (e.g. as_q= and q= for
  • Replaced HTML character entity references (e.g. í) in language files with UTF-8 characters
  • Added a new configuration parameter to group URL domains (GroupURLDomains)
  • Added a new configuration parameter to correct referrer counts for partial requests (IgnoreReferrerPartial)
  • Changed default page types (ALL: htm*,txt; IIS: asp,aspx; CLF, Apache: php,cgi; Squid: all combined)
  • Improved performance of code processing search engine referrers
  • BUG: Incorrect entry/exit URL analysis if query strings are reported
  • BUG: Number of lines, not downloads is reported in "Top N of M Downloads"
v2.2.0 (04-Feb-2006)
  • Added GraphGridlineColor to change the color of graph gridlines
  • Changed configuration parameter name comparison to be case-insensitive
  • Added host synonyms for all site parameters (e.g. TopHosts, HideHost, GroupHost, etc)
  • Replaced [ip-address] in the host detail report with a titled span
  • Added a file download report
  • Changed the report generator not to HTML-encode grouped items
  • Increased storage for named values from 80 to 260 bytes
  • Implemented per-domain include config files
  • Changed to msn. in the default search engine list
  • Linked with the new zlib (v1.2.3) library
  • Separated domain names and IP addresses in the host (site) tab file
  • BUG: The last slice is shown as Others if there's less than 10 countries to report
  • BUG: Unicode characters greater than 127 displayed incorrectly in the search strings report
v2.1.10.24 (20-Dec-2005)
  • Updated webalizer_lang.norwegian (courtesy of Thomas Bakketun)
  • Improved performance of pattern matching (groups, hide lists, etc)
  • Improved performance of the report generator
  • Added HTTP method to the error report
  • Removed spacer rows from the reports and changed tables to use collapsed borders
  • Changed page links to look like a menu
  • BUG: Adjusted column header spacing in the error details report
  • BUG: Added missing thead in the user agents report
  • BUG: URLs sorted incorrectly in the HTTP error report
  • BUG: Erroneous debug output is generated if webalizer.current is malformed
  • BUG: If a status code cannot be restored, a user name error is reported instead
  • BUG: SSW crashes if all log records for the current month are ignored
v2.1.10.23 (23-Nov-2005)
  • Converted most language files to UTF-8
  • Changed the default value for HTMLCharset to UTF-8
  • Linked with v4.4.16 of the Berkeley DB library
  • Added more search engine query identifiers to the default list
  • Improved support for ConvURLsLowerCase when processing Apache custom log files
  • Added support for Apache hexadecimal URL escape sequences
  • Improved overall performance, especially for Apache and IIS log formats
  • Moved code unescaping URLs to the report generator (allows URL filters with %xx sequences)
  • Improved referrer search strings reporting (now punctuation characters will be reported)
  • Changed referrer processing logic to report full URL path (i.e. up to the '?' character)
  • Changed Squid log parser to extract request processing time
  • Fixed a problem that caused URLs containing :// to be partially converted to lower case
  • Changed the code handling Ctrl-C to perform a faster shutdown
  • BUG: URLs beginning with http(s):// were not HTML-encoded (XSS)
  • BUG: The first search string immediately following '?' is discarded (e.g. ?q=text)
  • BUG: [Linux] Fixed incorrectly-reported log file processing time/speed
v2.1.10.22 (04-Nov-2005)
  • Removed .com from the default search engine pattern
  • Added an option to allow spaces in group values (EnablePhraseValues)
  • Converted the source to C++
  • BUG: Reduced memory footprint if DNS resolution is disabled
  • BUG: SSW hangs if DNS resolution is disabled
v2.1.10.21 (23-Oct-2005)
  • Added KBytes to the hourly report graph
  • Changed the order of bars in the hourly report graph
  • Improved DNS resolution for better support of domain name patterns in IgnoreHost
  • Added php to the default list of page extensions
  • Added IgnoreHost configuration parameter (a synonym for IgnoreSite)
  • BUG: IgnoreSite has no effect if a domain name pattern is specified
v2.1.10.20 (25-Sep-2005)
  • Aligned country names vertically in the middle of the pie chart image
  • BUG: Country report shows zero percentages in the Hits and Files columns
  • BUG: Fixed misaligned text (the Other line) in the country report chart
v2.1.10.19 (12-Aug-2005)
  • Quoted CR/LF characters in log record fields are replaced with underscores
  • BUG: A single country was shown as Other in the country report
  • BUG: Backslash escape characters in Apache custom logs are ignored
  • BUG: User agents containing quotes may render webalizer.current unusable
  • BUG: User agents contain + characters when analyzing IIS log files
  • BUG: A crash processing IIS log files when MangleAgents is set to 5
v2.1.10.18 (03-Aug-2005)
  • BUG: Non-wildcard search arguments (Ex/IncludeSearchArg) are looked up as sub-strings
v2.1.10.17 (18-Jul-2005)
  • Updated all language files to match the English version
  • Linked with v4.3.28 of the Berkeley DB library
  • Implemented a Ctrl-C handler to prevent DNS DB damage
  • Reduced memory footprint and optimized some lookup operations
  • Added average and maximum visit length to the host report
  • Added per-visit hits, files, pages and kbyte totals to the monthly report (average and maximum)
  • Added page counts to the host report
  • Added wildcard support for matching URLs with search arguments (IgnoreURL, HideURL, etc)
  • Added wildcard support for matching search arguments (ExcludeSearchArg, IncludeSearchArg)
  • Improved accuracy of the referrer search string report (IgnoreReferrerRedirect)
  • Linked with the new FreeType (v2.1.10) library
  • BUG: some average values may be displayed as very large numbers
  • BUG: visit counts for grouped domains are output as zeros
v2.1.10.16 (12-Jun-2005)
  • Added an HTTP error report (hits; error code; URL)
  • Added new top-level domains (.aero, .coop, .biz, .info, .museum, .name, .pro)
  • BUG: Last slice in the country pie chart sometimes doesn't have a border
  • BUG: Country pie chart is rendered incorrectly when there are many small slices
v2.1.10.15 (16-Apr-2005)
  • Added reporting of errors generated by the Berkeley DB library
  • Built with the new Berkeley DB library (v4.3.27)
  • User agents are no longer truncated (unsafe characters are HTML-encoded)
  • Added an option to output graphs in true color (GraphTrueColor)
  • Modified the country pie chart (e.g. anti-aliased lines, removed white spots, etc)
  • Increased maximum size for referrer (128 > 4K) and search arguments (512 > 4K)
  • Removed a message reporting zero-padded end of a live IIS log file as bad records
  • Disabled DNS lookup messages if DNSChildren is set to zero
  • Replaced black border around images with a CSS border
  • Changed header and footer layout in the reports
  • Removed white corner lines from graphs
  • Added several oversized-string messages
  • Changed DNS debug output to report record age instead of a timestamp
  • Added oversized URL, search arguments and user agent messages
  • Changed the word Sites to Hosts in all language files
  • BUG: A crash if a URL, referrer or user-agent were over 255 characters
  • BUG: A crash if a log file contained host names instead of IP addresses
  • BUG: A crash in libdb43.dll when running on a multi-CPU machine
v2.1.10.14 (06-Feb-2005)
  • Search arguments may be converted to lower case with ConvURLsLowerCase
  • BUG: Changed search argument filters to perform case-sensitive comparison
  • BUG: Analysis data for URLs with search arguments is fragmented in the persistent mode
v2.1.10.13 (31-Jan-2005)
  • URLs, user agents and referrers are reported HTML-encoded to prevent XSS attacks
  • Added an option to disallow robots to index reports (HTMLMetaNoIndex)
  • Added search argument filters (IncludeSearchArg; ExcludeSearchArg)
  • Added support for custom background and legend shadow colors in graphs
  • Updated default parameter names for referrer search strings
  • Added support for search arguments in the URL report
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing country names in the pie chart to collapse
  • [Linux] Language files saved in Windows may be used with the Linux build
v2.1.10.12 (05-Jan-2005)
  • Updated the footnote in the language files describing pages, files and hits
  • Content returned with the status code 206 (partial content) is considered a file (was 200 only)
  • BUG: Average and maximum processing time for files and pages was calculated incorrectly
v2.1.10.11 (31-Dec-2004)
  • Removed centering div and changed the style to render images as block elements
  • Changed the default character set from us-ascii to iso-8859-1 (HTMLCharset)
  • Linked with new libpng (v1.2.8) and zlib (v1.2.2) libraries
  • [Windows] Reorganized the project to include GD and PNG as DLLs
  • BUG: Fixed a bug resulting in the NoDefaultIndexAlias option ignored
  • BUG: Ignored IIS log records if the time field didn't follow the date
v2.1.10.10 (20-Dec-2004)
  • Added support for custom UTF-8 True Type fonts in charts
  • Added UTF-8 support for language files
  • Converted existing language files to the new format
  • Changed host reports to display IP addresses for unresolved domain names
  • Made reports compliant with HTML 4.01 (strict)
  • Fixed a problem in CSS that caused tables shifted to the left in Opera
  • Added an option to specify report character set (HTMLCharset)
  • Increased maximum size for search strings (64 > 256) and URLs (128 > 256)
  • Linked with new GD (v2.0.33) and FreeType (v2.1.9) libraries
  • BUG: A crash caused by a pie chart title longer than 48 characters
  • BUG: Some log records were ignored when a non-English language was selected
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing a crash on exit if the language file is malformed
  • BUG: Fixed visit counts for user agent groups (was always zero)
v2.1.10.9 (13-Dec-2004)
  • Added an option to configure path to the webalizer.css file (HTMLCssPath)
  • Added URL type indicator to the standalone and tabbed URL reports (HTTP, HTTPS or mixed)
  • Added automatic URL scheme (http: or https:) selection based on the port number
  • Log type values are evaluated as case-insensitive strings
  • BUG: Fixed a problem in webalizer.css resulting in an erroneous 1px border in the footer table
  • BUG: Fixed minor (1 ms) rounding problem in calculating average URL processing time (Apache)
  • BUG: Reading old webalizer.current may result in erroneous visitor counts in the UA report
v2.1.10.8 (08-Dec-2004)
  • Added an option to support Apache log format specification (ApacheLogFormat)
  • [Linux] Added missing language files to the binary distribution
v2.1.10.7 (06-Dec-2004)
  • Added an option to change TTL of a DNS cache entry (DNSCacheTTL)
  • Added DNS cache hit ratio and hit/miss ratios to the output
  • Added an option to re-resolve domain names throughout the current month (DNSDynamicNames)
  • Added monthly hit, file and page processing time (average and maximum) to the monthly summary report
  • Added average URL processing time to the top URL report (IIS log files only)
  • [Linux] Added support for lower case conversion of URLs (ConvURLsLowerCase; IIS log files only)
v2.1.10.6 (25-Nov-2004)
  • One-pass domain name resolution (requires pthreads and Berkeley DB v4.3 or newer)
  • Added an option to bundle groups together in the output (BundleGroups)
  • Added an option to ignore default index file aliases (NoDefaultIndexAlias)
  • BUG: Replaced orphaned </tfoot> with </tbody> in the generated HTML
  • BUG: Countries following .ad in the language file were omitted from the top countries report
  • BUG: Malformed log record fields (e.g. unbalanced parenthesis) invalidated log records
v2.1.10.5 (10-Oct-2004)
  • [Linux] Added makefile.gnu
v2.1.10.4 (08-Oct-2004)
  • Replaced Windows-specific code with portable equivalents
v2.1.10.3 (07-Oct-2004)
  • Added dynamic language file support (no build required to support a new language)
  • Created webalizer_lang.english and webalizer_lang.german language files in the new format
  • Added a new configuration variable (LanguageFile). The variable contains a path to the selected language file.
  • [Windows] Changed the logic used to locate the configuration file. The new order is: current directory; %windir%; the directory from which webalizer.exe was launched;
v2.1.10.1 (29-Sep-2004)
  • Added IIS support
  • Added visitor counts to the user agents totals table
  • Added CSS2 formatting to the reports
  • Changed the way groups are reported (at the beginning of a table)
  • Added user agent normalization (Mozilla)
  • [Windows] Added lower case URL conversion support