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Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Stone Steps Webalizer.


Can I process all log files in a directory with a single command?
Are the fields in IIS log files supposed to be arranged in a certain way?
Why Stone Steps Webalizer ignores some IIS log records?
Is there a Stone Steps Webalizer mailing list?
How Google Analytics compares to log file analysis tools, such as Stone Steps Webalizer?


How can I install Stone Steps Webalizer?
Is the state file produced by Stone Steps Webalizer backward-compatible?
Why am I getting "library not found" errors when I run Stone Steps Webalizer on Linux?


What would a simple configuration file look like?
Can Stone Steps Webalizer analyze custom Apache log files?
Why would I need to convert URLs to lower case?
What are the default referrer search strings?
Can Stone Steps Webalizer analyze search arguments/query strings?
Is it possible to group user agents using patterns with embedded spaces?
Does Stone Steps Webalizer support include configuration files?
Is it possible to identify visitors who submit spam requests?
Can Stone Steps Webalizer identify robots?


What is a language file?
I generated reports in Japanese, but they look like gibberish. Why?


My reports are poorly formatted. What's wrong?
How does UseHTTPS affect URL links?
Why my text looks upside down in graphs when I use TrueType fonts?
Why hit counts for some of my referrer search strings are doubled?
Why my file download times are lower than they really are?
Why Stone Steps Webalizer reports more visits than the original Webalizer?


How Stone Steps Webalizer handles DNS lookups?
Should I use remote host (%h) or remote address (%a) in my Apache log settings?
Why DNS resolution is so slow on Linux?

Source Code

How can I build Stone Steps Webalizer from the source?