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Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Witango server.

General Questions

How can I manually start and stop Witango server on Mac OS X?
How can I manually set permissions on Witango server directories on Mac OS X?
What is the replacement text for @CRLF?
Will the 64K limit on the size of the result retrieved with @URL be extended?

Error Processing

Why am I getting "The application file filename has timed out ..." error messages in the log file?
How can I view Witango server errors?
How does @CLEARERRORS work?

Database Access

Why Witango server cannot connect to my iODBC data sources on Mac OS X?
Are there any benefits in using DirectDBMS actions, compared to Search actions?


What factors should be considered when configuring number of worker threads in the server?
Does it take the server longer to process a run-only file?
Is there a limitation on the application file size?
Is there a way to improve performance of existing applications?
What is preemptive threading model and how will it affect the performance?
Will the application server's performance be improved, compared to Tango 2000?

Meta Objects

Why my Call Method actions and meta tags don't work anymore?
Will the server call methods of my COM object concurrently?
What kind of COM objects can be used with the Call Method Action?

Java Script

Can multiple scripts be defined in the same scope?
Is there any difference between the Java Script action and the @SCRIPT meta tag?

Load-Splitting Client

How does the load-splitting client work?