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Article ID: Q20071224-01

Q: Can Stone Steps Webalizer identify robots?

A:Yes. A new configuration parameter, Robot, was introduced in v3.1.0.6. User agents that match the pattern of any of Robot parameters are considered robot visitors. A typical short list of robots will look like this:

Robot		Googlebot/
Robot		Mediapartners-Google*		Google Adsense
Robot		msnbot*
Robot		Yahoo! Slurp			Yahoo!
Robot		Yahoo-MMCrawler*
Robot		Ask Jeeves/Teoma

An entry without an asterisk will match any word or phrase in the entire user agent string. Entries with asterisks will match either the beginning of the user agent string (asterisk at the end) or the end of the user agent string.

Robot activity is removed from the Country, Entry and Exit URL reports, so that these reports better reflect human interaction with the website. Robot hosts and user agents will be highlighted in the Host and User Agent reports. If you'd like to change the default highlight color, locate the following line in webalizer.css and change the color to any other value:

td.robot, span.robot {color: green;}

Setting HideRobots to yes, will remove robot hosts and user agents from the Host and User Agent reports.