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Article ID: Q20060703-01

Q: Is it possible to identify visitors who submit spam requests?

A:Yes, starting with v2.5.0.1, Stone Steps Webalizer accepts a new configuration parameter, SpamReferrer, which lists referrer patterns considered as spam. Visitors submitting these requests will be red-flagged and marked in the hosts report as spammers.

SpamReferrer accepts the same patterns as IgnoreReferrer and HideReferrer. Multiple SpamReferrer entries may be used to specify more than one pattern. For example, the first two entries below will red-flag all requests with the referrer URL containing words gambling or poker anywhere in the referrer URL. The third entry will match only if the referrer URL begins with the string of characters preceding the asterisk.

SpamReferrer		gambling
SpamReferrer		casino

Once a visitor is identified as a spammer, all requests from this visitor will be treated as spam for the rest of the currently-reported month. Spam requests will be counted as usual in all reports, except the referrer report, to prevent spam referrers from appearing in the report as clickable links. Spamming hosts will also highlighted in red color in the hosts report, as shown below.

If you would like to change the color of the highlighting, locate the following line in webalizer.css and change the color to any other value:

td.spammer, span.spammer {color: red;}

In addition to highlighting, the all-hosts and the tab-separated host reports will have an asterisk output next to the spammer's host.