Stone Steps Inc.

Article ID: Q20060108-01

Q: Does Stone Steps Webalizer support include configuration files?

A:Starting with v2.2.0.1, Stone Steps Webalizer recognizes the Include directive, which can take one of two forms. The first one instructs Stone Steps Webalizer to include unconditionally the specified configuration file. For example:

Include    c:\tools\webalizer\webalizer_common.conf

The second form instructs Stone Steps Webalizer to include the specified configuration file only if the current domain name matches the one in the Include directive.

For example, the configuration file named webalizer_www.conf will be processed only when a log file for the domain is being processed and the file webalizer_forums.conf will be processed only when the current domain is

Include    c:\tools\webalizer\webalizer_www.conf
Include    c:\tools\webalizer\webalizer_forums.conf

The current domain name may be selected using the -n command line option.

Multiple Include directives will be processed in the order they appear in the main configuration file, after all other configuration parameters are processed. Any configuration parameter specified in the main configuration file may be overriden in any of the include files.

Non-wildcard patterns are compared character-for-character with the current domain name, not as sub-strings. For example, will not match, however, * will.