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Article ID: Q20050701-01

Q: Why hit counts for some of my referrer search strings are doubled?

A:If you redirect HTTP requests to other pages within the same website, each of the original HTTP requests will be followed by a redirection HTTP request, which will contain the same referrer and, consequently, the same referrer search string. Stone Steps Webalizer will count each request individually, reporting two hits for this referrer and the search string contained in the referrer.

Starting with v2.1.10.17, Stone Steps Webalizer will ignore referrers and referrer search strings for redirected URL paths listed in the configuration file using IgnoreReferrerRedirect. For example, if your webalizer.conf is configured as follows:

IgnoreReferrerRedirect    /webalizer*

, and the log file contains these lines:

Status   Method  URL                   Referrer
 302      GET    /webalizer  
 200      GET    /projects/webalizer/

, then the search string in the first referrer will be ignored and only the one in the second referrer will be counted.

Note that IgnoreReferrerRedirect only affects referrer and referrer search string hit counts, not total website hit counts. In other words, the two requests shown in the example above will be counted by Stone Steps Webalizer as two separate website hits for all reports, except the Referrer and the Referrer Search String reports.