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Article ID: Q20041007-01

Q: What is a language file?

A:Starting with the version, Stone Steps Webalizer will try to locate a language file on startup. If the language file is found, its content will be used to produce reports and progress messages. A new configuration variable (LanguageFile) can be used to specify the location of the file:

LanguageFile    c:\tools\webalizer\lang\webalizer_lang.german

A typical language file contains series of name/value pairs. The name identifies a text variable used by Stone Steps Webalizer and the value provides language-specific text. For example, the English version of the error message reported if a log file cannot be opened is defined as follows:

msg_log_err = Error: Can't open log file

Some language file entries, such as the list of months shown below, may contain multiple elements. In this case, individual elements must be separated by commas:

s_month = Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

The whitespace between the end of each element and the comma is preserved and may be used for padding purposes. The whitespace following the comma is stripped off, unless the element is enclosed in double quotes. 

If an individual element of a comma-separated list contains a comma, as shown in the example below, this element must be enclosed in double quotes:

fr,       France,
fx,       "France, Metropolitan",
ga,       Gabon,

If you use any language other than English, make sure that the value of the HTMLCharset configuration variable matches the selected language. See Q20041214-01 for details.