Stone Steps Inc.

Article ID: Q20041001-01

Q: What would a simple configuration file look like?

A:A simple webalizer.conf file is shown below. Stone Steps Webalizer (v2.1.10.3) will try to locate the configuration file in the current directory, in the system directory and then in the directory where the executable file resides. The system directory on Windows is pointed to by the environment variable %WINDIR%; on Linux it is build-dependant (the default is /etc). Detailed description of all configuration parameters may be found in the README and sample.conf files supplied with the source and binary distributions.

New and updated configuration parameters recognized by Stone Steps Webalizer are described in the FAQ article Q20041210-01.

LanguageFile        c:\tools\webalizer\lang\webalizer_lang.english

ConvURLsLowerCase   yes

# In the incremental mode Stone Steps Webalizer maintains the 
# day-to-day state (e.g. visits, hits, etc) for the current month.
Incremental         yes

# DNS configuration
DNSCache            c:\tools\webalizer\webalizer.dns
DNSCacheTTL         30
DNSChildren         20
GeoIPDBPath         c:\tools\webalizer\GeoIP.dat

# Use the Lucida Console font for small text, such as legends and 
# axis markers. Use Tahoma Bold for graph titles and country names.
GraphFontNormal     c:\windows\fonts\lucon.ttf
GraphFontBold       c:\windows\fonts\tahomabd.ttf
GraphFontSmall      8
GraphFontMedium     9.5
GraphFontSmoothing  yes

# Produce standalone reports for all categories
AllHosts            yes
AllURLs             yes
AllReferrers        yes
AllAgents           yes
AllSearchStr        yes
AllUsers            yes
AllErrors           yes

# Increase the maximum size of all tables that show grouped items
TopKURLs            25
TopURLs             25
TopReferrers        25
TopAgents           25
TopHosts            25
TopKHosts           25
TopErrors           25