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Article ID: Q20040930-01

Q:Why would I need to convert URLs to lower case?

A:Unlike most Unix systems, Windows preserves character case in file names, but ignores differences in case when working with files. As a result of this, a URL requesting a file named Default.html and a URL requesting a file named default.html will return the same file. Since URLs are explicitly case-sensitive [RFC 2616; 3.2.3], Stone Steps Webalizer will treat these two requests as if two different files were requested.

In order to work around this problem, configure Stone Steps Webalizer to convert all URLs to lower case by adding this line into the webalizer.conf file:

ConvURLsLowerCase        yes

As of v2.1.10.23, if ConvURLsLowerCase is set to yes, Stone Steps Webalizer will convert to lower case the entire URL, including the query portion of the URL, when processing IIS and Apache custom log files.