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Article ID: Q20040929-01

Q:My reports are poorly formatted. What's wrong?

A:Stone Steps Webalizer produces all reports with a reference to a style sheet document named webalizer.css. Stone Steps Webalizer expects to find a copy of this file in the output directory. For example, if webalizer.exe was launched using the following command line

> webalizer -p -A 25 -Y -F iis -n -o c:\reports\localhost ex040901.log

, you will need to copy webalizer.css to the c:\reports\localhost directory.

Starting with v2.1.10.9, Stone Steps Webalizer may be configured to produce reports linked to a style sheet file located in a directory other than the output directory. Use the HTMLCssPath configuration variable to specify a URL path to the location of the webalizer.css file. 

For example, if you would like to link reports to a style sheet file located in the /library/webalizer/ virtual directory of the website hosting reports, add the following line to webalizer.conf:

HTMLCssPath     /library/webalizer/